Fundraising Children's Home - Hammanskraal

Donations for a "children's home" in Hammanskraal, South Africa

Hammanskraal is a small town about 35 km north of Pretoria, South Africa. The largest part of the city consists of a township with about 340 000 inhabitants.


This year, we decided to support the children's home Hammanskraal in South Africa, giving some children a sense of security and future. This orphanage has become our heart's desire, which we want to promote in the long term. In the picture gallery you will always receive news and see how the children are happy about the donations received.


Situation of the children's home in Hammanskraal

Dr. Karin Kabutz has been supporting the orphanage for over 5 years. Maria is the director of the children's home and 60 years old, she receives help from her daughter, Martina. Amos is another helper who employs the children during the day, eg. playing football with them. The children's home does not receive any financial help from the government and is borne by the home director's pension and by donations.

An internal nursery school is offered for the smaller children. The older children go to the nearby school.

The children's home in Hammanskraal is consistently supported according to the principle of help for self-help. Because we are convinced that even the supposedly weakest person has the potential to build a life of dignity for himself and the orphans on his own.

In the past few years, some help has been provided to improve the living conditions in the children's home. Provision of a water tank or the donation of cement in order to produce stones for a later fortified house.


How to help with your donation:



The next project is a washing machine (used) and a camping stove provided. The camping stove will make meal preparation easier and create an income opportunity. The plan is to sell paperboard (national dish of poor people in South Africa consisting of corn, water and sugar) at lunchtime with the help of the camp cook in a nearby factory.

In addition, 2 gas cylinders filled will be donated to allow the conversion from Parrafinkochen to gas. In the long term, Papp's sales proceeds should cover the costs of the entire gas consumption. The used washing machine is placed with the pastor, where electricity and water are available. The washing machine will save a lot of laundry time. Possibly. may be required for the use of the washing machine by third parties, a user fee to finance the detergent.

For next year, a small vegetable garden is planned (cabbage, corn, beetroot, beans and tomatoes) and some fruit trees (avocados, lemons, oranges) are to be planted.


Our donations are managed by the sister of our managing director directly on site. Thus, we ensure that the donations arrive where they are really needed.


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